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the  curse  of  the  bastard
how  to break the  curse  which  comes  upon  those  who father/ and conceive  children  out of wedlock
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about the curse of the bastard :

The Curse of the Bastard is a Biblical Curse that falls upon all those of Illegitimate Birth.  The Curse is Determined by when exactly a person is Conceived.  A lot of people say "Yeah, I was conceived on my parents Prom Night but they got married before I was born." This does not matter, if the parents are not married at the time of conception, then the child is of Illegitimate Birth, and the curse falls upon them.

The Bible Declares in DEUTERONOMY Chapter 23 and Verse 2, that, "A Bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord." 

A Biblical Generation is 40 Years. So, Ten times 40 is 400 Years that this Curse remains on the Family Bloodline unless it is broken.

King David conceived a Bastard in SECOND SAMUEL Chapter 11 and Verses 1 through 5. The results were murder to cover it and death to the child.  What happened to David's children as a result of this one act of disobedience ?  The Prophet Nathan told David that God would have given him more wives but to take Uriah's only wife was very evil.  God placed a sword in David's house; it would raise up evil against David out of his own house.  David's wives would be taken by others and lain with in sight of all Israel.  Household results were murder, incest, and rebellion.  Amnon, David's firstborn, raped his half-sister Tamar;  Absalom killed Amnon in revenge; Tamar was destitute;  Absalom took David's wives in the sight of Israel; and much more evil.  In SECOND SAMUEL Chapters 14 and 15, Absalom was very rebellious to his parents, planned to take the throne and to kill his father.

When a Bastard is conceived in lust, it is not true love.  True Love is protecting and providing.  Neither is present when the bastard is conceived.  Demons of lust will follow all children of this line.  Besides Lust, all types of demons follow them and try to gain entry.  Present Day observations include more bastards, family and personal rebellion, sickness, suicide, can't feel welcome or at peace in God's house, murder, delinquency, mental illness, and physical deformities.

Other observations of problems created by this curse include never feeling at home in any church for very long, never feeling good about oneself, being ashamed for people to look at you even though you don't know what you want to hide, overriding fear, striving excessively to succeed and stopping short of realizing the goal, fear of failure, fear of authority, resisting authority, fighting verbally and physically, demonic pressure to sexual activities, and not much joy in natural or spiritual life.

God has given us all a free will to choose our own pathway in life.  If you would like to be free of this curse and break it off of your family bloodline, pray this prayer of your own volition:

My Father, in the Name of Jesus, I break The Curse of The Bastard off of my life, on both sides of the bloodline, going all the way back to Adam and Eve, and everyone in between, and I pull it out by the root right now, in Jesus' Name.  Amen and Thank You God.

worse than an infidel
((1 TIMOTHY 5:8)

The Bible declares in First Timothy Chapter 5 and Verse 8, that, "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

When a Bastard child is conceived, it is often left fatherless and emotionally deprived of love. 

One responsibility of a father is to support his children both EMOTIONALLY and FINANCIALLY.  The Child needs to know that they are loved and should be able to count upon their father financially so that all their needs are met.  Since Bastard children are often conceived in LUST and not LOVE, the Father of these children simply walk away from the responsibilities that come with the Office of The Father, and the care and keeping of these children is left up to the Government.  As recent as 1950, the number of illegimate children in the African American Community was around 19%, due to their fathers either being incarcerated, or simply walking away from the responsibility of supporting a child.  At the time of this writing (2011), the number of illegitimate children being reared in the African American Community by single parents is at 68%.  Some of this is due to social programs in place which seem to encourage women to have babies to get money and benefits from the Government, which creates an undue burden on the taxpayer.  It was never a plan of God for Civil Government to take care of Children of Christian Families.  God's Plan States that a Man should provide for his own and specially for those of his own house. If he does not, he is not a Christian because he has denied the faith (Denied The Lord) and is considered worse than an infidel (an unbeliever).

Each time a Bastard is created, whether it comes to birth or is aborted, ten generations of bondage is started.  If it happens with you, and by some stroke of good fortune it is avoided for nine generations and happens again, the countdown starts over.  The Curse of the Bastard continues UNTIL IT IS BROKEN.


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